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The University of Arkansas Power Group consists of world-class faculty experts in power and energy research, spanning engineering and science disciplines, jointly working to deliver next-generation electronic vehicles, renewable energy systems, grid infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

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Mantooth Named to Arkansas Future Mobility Council

Mantooth Named to Arkansas Future Mobility Council

To "take a step into the future of mobility" which will "impact the options in transportation and supply chain deliveries for generations to come", Governor Asa Hutchinson created by executive order the Arkansas Future Mobility Council and named Dr. Alan Mantooth to...

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Mantooth Presents MUSiC to the Arkansas Legislative Council

Mantooth Presents MUSiC to the Arkansas Legislative Council

Dr. Alan Mantooth presented the new Multi-User Silicon Carbide Research and Fabrication Facility (MUSiC) to the Higher Education Subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council. You can learn more about this exciting facility by clicking on the link below, his...

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More News

The goal of the Cybersecurity Center for Secure Evolvable Energy Delivery Systems is to conduct research and develop innovative cybersecurity technologies, tools, and methodologies that advance the energy sector’s ability to survive cyber incidents while sustaining critical functions.

The goal of the GRid-connected Advanced Power Electronic Systems is to accelerate the adoption and insertion of power electronics into the electric grid, in order to improve system stability, flexibility, controllability, robustness, and economy.

The Center for Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal System‘s ambitious, innovative approach to improving the power density of next generation electro-thermal systems involves integrating traditionally separate research efforts in mechanical, electrical, and materials engineering across different technical domains.

The role of the Arkansas Security Research and Education Institute is to bring important practical security problems to the most talented University of Arkansas researchers, to recruit industry members to sustain the institute and provide research and educational vision, to assist the institute’s researchers in pursuing competitive research funding, and to facilitate improving the security education at the University of Arkansas.

The Power Electronic Systems Laboratory at Arkansas was established in the fall of 2015.  Our research aims to develop the next generation power electronic systems with higher power density, efficiency, and reliability for transportation electrification and grid-connected applications.  To achieve this goal we carry out leading-edge research in the areas of power electronic converter design and optimization, wide band-gap power electronics, electric machines and motor drives, high temperature circuits, thermal management, medium- to high-power converter design, fabrication, and testing.

The National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission was established for the purpose of investigating solid-state solutions for the electric power grid including protection devices and FACTS as well as energy storage and distributed generation applications.

The High Density Electronics Center, established in 1991, is a research center with a world-wide reputation for expertise and excellence in the field of electronic integration.

The Nanoscale Material Science and Engineering building is an exciting addition to campus with many innovative characteristics.  Because of the atomic-level research that takes place in the building, its rooms were built with the needed specification to support nanoscale research.  Rooms with sensitive instruments have vibration isolation to prevent interference.  Other rooms have electromagnetic wave isolation, so that even seemingly innocent devices such as cell phones cannot penetrate the space.  Still other rooms have ultra-sensitive temperature control.

Each year our Research Experience for Undergraduates program allows students a summer or semester for hands on research.  This page houses their research presentations.


UA Power Group Faculty

  • Juan Balda, power systems and power electronics

  • Zhong Chen, devices and fabrication

  • Jia Di, asynchronous digital IC design, cybersecurity, hardware security

  • Jeff Dix, analog IC design, artificial neural networks

  • Chris Farnell, embedded systems, cybersecurity, and power electronics testing

  • David Huitink, thermal management, packaging, and reliability

  • Qinghua Li, cybersecurity

  • Alan Mantooth, semiconductor device modeling, CAD, packaging, and power & analog IC design, cybersecurity

  • Roy McCann, motor drives, storage, and controls

  • Yarui Peng, design automation tools

  • John Ransom, semiconductor fabrication and device design

  • Greg Salamo, materials and devices

  • Xiaoqing Song, power electronics and power packaging

  • Morgan Ware, wide bandgap devices, capacitors

  • Jingxian Wu, data analytics and communications

  • Yue Zhao, motors, machines and drives


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