SiC+X 2024 Workshop


Welcome to the SiC Materials & Devices Workshop!

Monday & Tuesday, August 12-13, 2024

(Dinner August 11th)

Hosted by the University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR

A fascinating family of wide-band-gap (WBG) semiconductors, SiC crystals are technologically important materials that not only received great research attention in recent few decades, but also continue to generate new and increasing interests at emerging new frontiers. This workshop serves as a 'brainstorming' & 'working' meeting for discussing some of the latest research progresses in SiC materials and devices. The workshop's scope spans a spectrum of scientific aspects of SiC and other related WBG materials & devices - including materials growth and characterization, physics and modeling, processing, electronics, sensors, MEMS/NEMS, SiC and other related materials for photonics, optomechanics, and quantum technologies.

More Information Coming Soon...